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There are four questions that dominate the minds of people considering our services

How many people will see my video?

Its not about the views, its about what people will see when they do find you; what kind of first impression will your company make and will it inspire them to learn more or pick up the phone. Bizbio is not a TV Network that sells exposure in the form of commercial slots; we’re a production company that creates the ultimate promotional tool which you can use to keep your prospects engaged. It may only take one of the views in the YouTube view count to make up the entire cost of the video; except when videos go viral, most people do not tune in to watch commercials.

Why do I need Bizbio when I have a great camera & editing suite at home?

In one word professionalism. Clients are often surprised when we show up and they see all that goes into making sure their video looks great. With a modern audience that has watched hundreds of hours of professionally produced television, and your competitors a click away, can you afford to turn people off? Especially when all it takes is the smallest off detail to distract from your important content. Truly, it isn’t that home made video is always “bad”; its that these videos almost always represent opportunities missed. When you get one shot to hold the attention of an interested prospect and you are investing in something that will become the first face of your organization online, it just doesn’t make sense to penny pinch. Pay once and get it done right with Bizbio.

Isn’t professional video super expensive?

Along with the fact that technology has made high quality video accessible to every size business, Bizbio had developed a number of packages that will allow you to have a high quality video produced without all the costs associated with custom projects (see Bizbeat.) Plus a marketing dollar spent on a video lasts forever online. That means, unlike spending on other marketing mediums you may consider such as newspaper, radio, billboards, etc., your return on investment is a matter of when, not if with video. What you should be considering is can you afford not to have a video produced and can you afford to wait?

Can Bizbio help me get my video seen?

At Bizbio we can show you how to get your video seen. Embed it on your website, link to it in your email signature, upload it onto your social media networks. If you’re willing to pay for services such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or even advertising slots on network television then there is no better tool to get viewers to pick up the phone and give you a call. And remember, the number of views your video gets is NOT directly connected to its value. Some of our clients have videos that, to this day, have just over a hundred views, low by YouTube standards, but has secured them three or more clients. One new client can often cover the entire cost of your video meanwhile your video will be online working for you forever. There just is no better value proposition out there these days.

Planning, recording, editing, branding. That is what we do.


Planning is everything and do-it-yourself-videos rarely have that time put into them. What is the best approach to represent that business to their ideal client? Marketing decisions need to be made and developed, even in the simplest shoot. You need an expert who has done it before and knows what works best on screen. We all hire experts to do things for us, not because we couldn’t learn to do those things ourselves if we had the time and interest but because we either don’t have the time or the interest. Video production is a discipline.


Organizing a shoot is not simple. It looks simple if its done right, but it really isn’t. Lighting is huge. Ambiant natural light vs. incandescent bulbs, white balance, exposure – these must all be considered if you want to have a professional looking end video. Then there’s the audio. Good audio is crucial to have a watchable production and good audio is all about capture, very little can be done in post to fix bad audio. On top of that people don’t notice good production quality but they sure notice even that one thing out of a hundred that’s done poorly; everyone is a critic. Its just not worth taking the risk when it comes to your business.


So much happens in editing and very rarely do amateurs take the time they should. Editing is an art form; a mix of skill and creative expression that comes together to make a video watchable and interesting. Sure, anyone can make a video but what keeps people watching it when they have spent their entire lives surrounded by professionally produced television and movies. Anyone can write a book too, but how long will anyone read it if its got bad grammar and spelling mistakes. A video’s presentation, music tracks, audio effects, pacing, on screen graphics, design and animations all matter. It takes years to get good at proper editing techniques. Once again good production quality isn’t noticed, bad production quality is noticed instantly and reflects poorly on the business presented.


Branding is a hallmark of a professional organization. Often it isn’t that an in-house video is “bad” per-say its that it isn’t taking advantage of all the opportunities a professionally produced video can. A well branded video will give the viewer a taste of what it feels like to do business with you, the feeling, the experience, and it will do it in a way that is consistent with the colours and flavour of your logo, website, flier, ads, etc. The real opportunity of a professional video is for it to become the thin edge of your marketing wedge, the most powerful tool in your promotional kit. In-house videos just do not rise to this level, they can’t because rarely have the three previous points mentioned in this list been considered before hand.

Don’t miss anymore opportunities for your business by mistaking the ease of watching a professionally produced production with the ease of making one. Contact Bizbio today.