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Homebeat is a No-Brainer for Selling Property


Homebeat is an amazing tool for selling your property, any property because it does so many things at once. Check it out:

  • Build excitement: with music, pacing, editing and taping tricks that are reminiscent of reality TV you can engage with your prospect and keep them watching. Studies show that we experience what we see on screen as though we’re experiencing it ourselves. By getting excited and showing enthusiasm you can do so much more than sell, you can show and drive it right into their decision making!

  • Build Your Profile: Let’s face it, real estate representatives sell themselves first and the property second. There is no better way to win someone’s trust and admiration, to put your best foot forward and fine tune your first impression, then by having them watch a carefully edited video of you presenting. Trust us, we have the experience to make sure you come off looking like a superstar; that is in fact our primary job.
  • Differentiate Yourself: Though this type of sales tool will be standard in years to come right now you can be one of only a few sales representatives who are doing them. That means when it comes to the big listing you can approach the owner with your last Homebeat in your pocket and show them what you can do for them that no one else can. Just by having one done you can have the ultimate sales tool to get the listings of your dreams.
  • Stupid, Insane ROI Potential: Think about it; sure its a powerful tool to sell a single property but why not do one on a model home and use it to sell a whole subdivision? All it takes is tweaking the wording when you present to highlight the options the home buyers can choose from when they sign on. At $550 dollars for an edition, divided by a subdivision of 20 houses at $250,000 each say, well you do the math. This tool is an absolute no-brainer in those situations.
  • Long-term Added Value: The potential to leverage the exposure you regularly get through these Homebeats makes the opportunity to bargain with other businesses for their goods or services very real. For example; you spend a hundred dollars a month on a Google AdWords campaign so that your Homebeats regularly get 4000-5000 views on YouTube. You go to a local home staging business say, or suit shop, show them the print out as to how many local people you have watching your Homebeats and then ask them what’s its worth to have their logo in front of that many eyeballs. A big discount on a home staging? A free suit? The more popular your Homebeats become the more powerful your leverage.
  • The cost is low: for only $550 dollars you will get a video that allows you to present a property in an exciting and dynamic way. People want to be shown a property, not just sent a boring virtual tour link, a photo gallery list, or worse yet, a photo montage set to elevator music… yawns is right.

Its time to embrace the future and squeeze it for all its worth. Its time to start using Homebeat! Give us a call at 519-851-8614 to learn more.

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