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How People Make Decisions: Why Bizbio Specialization Works


Not long ago Derrick Barber of LOWD Media had an article published on GoDaddy’s Garage site (features articles on business trends and offers advice. See the article here)

In this article Bizbio’s President and Founder, Bryan Bakker, opened up on what makes Bizbio very different from other video production companies. Number one on this list is that we understand that the greatest power, the greatest opportunity professional video offers any business or organization, is its ability to humanize and build trust by getting the people behind the business or brand to open up and talk about themselves on a personal level.

I know what many of you are thinking: “People don’t care who we are? What prospects want to know is do we have the equipment, the training, the experience to do what they need us to do? Shouldn’t our video(s) focus on that?”

The answer is no.

Think about it: everyone in your industry or field is assumed by prospects to have the equipment, training and experience required. The real opportunity of video is to give people what they really want, what they really need to know: “can I trust this person or company to do what they say they can do?”

Its all about trust. It always has been.

For example, if I go to an accountant its because I recognize there is way too much for me to know for me to do it myself; bottom line I need to trust the person I choose. We know trust decisions are made on a gut level, not an intellectual one, therefore a promotional video about any accountant should focus on integrity and humanity first, their equipment, training or experience second. At Bizbio we like to talk about this in terms of focusing on the who and why first, the what and how second.

Yes, the what and how are important, but they are also easy to show or express through video (which is probably why the majority of videos focus on them exclusively) The why and how take real thought, real insight, real planning. Often the tragedy of video is that its represents opportunities lost, often even when it has cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. Lets face it, our brains evolved to understand and remember human based stories. That’s why what Bizbio specializes in is human based story telling, showing your integrity, your humanity; giving viewers a glimpse of your heart and soul, the people behind the business or organization. Done right, these are the kinds of videos people want to watch, commercial or not; its the data dump videos that make people yawn after  20 seconds.

Let Bizbio help you use video to its maximum effect. Find out what its like to have someone you’ve never met talk to you like an old friend.

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