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Small Business Needs Video To Combat Big Business


Small Business Needs Video To Combat Big Business


If you watch the big corporate commercials these days on any of the major networks you’ll notice some commonalities that we talk about a lot at Bizbio. Namely, doing whatever you can to humanize a business. They try to get you to forget that they are often huge multi-nationals that have shareholders to consider, not just your satisfaction as a customer.

The reason I bring this up is that through video small, local business actually has the advantage when taking this approach through video.

The big corporations often don’t have a founder to put on screen. That’s because the business isn’t run by the people who do the work, they are run by executives who know how to run big companies. Small businesses however are the reverse of this and this can work in their favour. Show your passion and expertise in a video, show them who they’ll do business with and why it matters to you personally that you do a great job for them. Not only will you be much more creditable they the giant companies could ever be, you’ll give consumers the reason they are looking for to shop local.

And don’t let cost get in the way; our Bizbeat package is only $550 and it will last you years. Cheers all!