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A Successful Video With Under 50 Views



Understanding Video Production

I’ll make an assertion: view counts for online videos don’t matter anymore.

The assertion is an exaggeration to make a point. Yes the view count matters, but as a perk, not as a reason. The higher the view count of a video the better its SEO potential. But it doesn’t matter in so much as to what actually makes a video valuable in the modern internet age.

I’m often asked, “how many people will see my video?”

This is how many still explain its value. Through this lens a video with only a few views sucks and a video with a lot of views must be awesome. What they don’t realize yet is the real question: “For those interested in you online, what do you have for them to find?”

Understanding this paradigm shift is now crucial to a businesses modern day competitiveness.

TV Networks still attach the value of a video to its associated viewership. The value of a commercial has always been interlaced with the amount of exposure you’ll get from it. Now though, that has changed. Now people come looking for you. According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth Study 84% of ALL shoppers do online research about a company before making a buying decision. That means whether they hear about you through radio, television, newspaper, online or even through everyone’s favourite, the qualified referral, 84% of them will look for you in a search engine first.

You only have seconds to capture and hold their attention. What do you have for them to find?

According to Digital Sherpa a website with video is 50 times more likely to come up on the first page of a search result. Orion21 says that a landing page with a video has up to 800 percent more conversion then the same page with no video.

Professional video keeps prospects from clicking away. Its as simple as that.

A good video makes you easier to find online, makes all your other advertising and promotional activities more effective, provides years of promotional value for a one-time cost and showcases all those assets you keep hidden; your showroom, your expertise, your passion, your employees, your satisfied customers, you name it.

There really is no better deal in town these days.