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Is Video Becoming the “Secret Weapon” of Local Business?


Is Video Becoming the “Secret Weapon” of Local Business?


When I go door to door, from small business to small business, in our community it doesn’t take long to find out where the pain is. Whether it is on our main drag or in small plazas dotted throughout, the pain comes in the form of “Big Box” competitors. The giant block where our big box stores reside, hum with activity every day and weekend and yet our small mom & pop businesses struggle to get even a few people in. What few small business owners realize however is that there is a tool that can allow them to change the tide, even go toe-to-toe with the big box stores and win; its name is video.

Statistics show that when a customer either leaves a business or goes to a new business, 70% of the time it is because of service, not price; in fact price is somewhere around 12%. People would shop local if they only knew about the wonders that could be had, often, just around corner. Why? Because local mom & pops excel in service, have deep roots in the community; are generally wonderful well respected people. The problem is that all of those things are invisible online where you are going to be either researched or found these days.

Enter, video.

A video, unlike anything else out there, can turn all of those hidden assets into promotional powerhouses online. People like to do business with people they know like and trust, not gigantic nameless and faceless corporations. “If they only knew” should become a lament of the past but we still hear it from small businesses everywhere; now there is a way to change that. The Bizbio Bizbeat is a short news segment about your business that is inexpensive but high quality and it focuses on what you have that big box stores can only dream of; connection, service, caring.

When thought of from this perspective I hope it becomes as painfully obvious to you, as it is for me, that, contrary to what many small business owners currently believe, video should the number one priority, even ahead of a website, online these days.

Video: its time to pull out the big guns.