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What Makes Bizbio Different


We have innovative packages you just won’t find anywhere else. They are based on three unique approaches: Brand Humanization, the TV Show Template and Custom Branded Networks.

Brand Humanization: Where other companies tend to focus on the data and information, the what and how of your business, Bizbio focuses on the who and the why. We know that the greatest power of video is to build trust and we’re experts in making sure our clients feel relaxed and confident enough to build it. We want to show them who you are in a way that lets them identify with you. Experience what it’s like having someone you’ve never met talk to you like and old friend and imagine how that could impact your sales. You’ll only get through Bizbio.

TV Show Template: Many of our under $1000 packages use what we call a “TV Show Template” to give you a high quality, branded video for a rock bottom price. Within these shows such as Bizbeat, Homebeat or the Bizbiobuz you’ll give the viewers the chance to see and hear all about you and your business while at the same time getting third party recognition and exposure through our online affiliates. Just another exclusive offering of Bizbio.

Custom Branded Networks: Another approach we offer at Bizbio is to have your own brand moved into the audio visual realm and to have us develop, essentially a network TV type of template for all your content. With the Network Package for instance you’ll get five videos, all with your own custom branded intro, extro, lower third, audio bed, etc. and they can be anything from business biographies to how-tos to testimonials. Plus, once the template is produced you can expand on it easily and inexpensively because all the heavy lifting has already been done.

At Bizbio we cater to the early adopters who see lucrative technological opportunities and want to take advantage of them now. Our films use the newest techniques in brand humanization, neuro marketing and creative storytelling to become the fine-tuned tools you need for verifiable results through our internet partners.