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My name is Bryan Bakker and I'm the owner of Bizbio Inc. I grew up on a farm and worked in tobacco and tomatoes all the way into my late teens. Through my twenties I worked in construction framing, roofing, insulating and drywalling. Then in my early thirties I took up videography and now in my late fourties I run Bizbio Inc., a successful video production company based in London, Ontario.


I know what keeps agri-business and farms from leveraging the power of the internet to grow and prosper. Its overwhelming complexity and the inherent knowledge that sometimes doing things half ass is worse than doing nothing at all. I agree and that’s why I want to help. 


With one call you'll get a no obligation consultation. I'll drive out to your location, learn about your business and give you a sense for how our team can help. Do you need a quality no hassle website? Do you want to show your buyers that your product is properly handled from field to fork, that your employees are trained in health & safety regs or do you simply need to recruit new reliable employees? No matter what it is you need help with I can use our team's knowledge and tools to find a solution.


Below you can see some samples of the work we have done in the agri-business field already or just contact us and let's talk. I'm anxious to hear what your challenges and worries are.

Real Client Sample

In 2018 Bizbio worked for DUCA Farms producing their website, four videos and a ton of photos creating a permanent digital home for their business online. One that needs little to no ongoing maintenance. Click the link below to check them out!

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Farm Supplies Sample

Farm Association Sample