Bizbio has produced hundreds of custom videos for clients from many different industries. Below you will find some samples of our work but please feel free to contact us to request samples that better fit your project specifics.

SCRIPTED (1st tier)

One of our most recent productions was for Duca Farms Ltd. in June/July of 2018. Our client needed a video to showcase their asparagus farm to grocery executives and customers in stores. From writing the script, directing the shoots to editing, Bizbio produced this "feild to fork" mini-doc from beginning to end.

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scripted (2nd tier)

In 2018 Bizbio took on a project to help launch Pollinative, an organization that creates fields of native plants to support native insects and wildlife. With creativity and  some carefully manicured footage this was the result; a powerful promo on a tight budget.

INTERVIEW (1st tier)

In 2018, as part of a comprehensive production team Bizbio helped produce this powerful piece for Canadian Blood Services. Give us a call and get the same team working on your interview based promo.

INTERVIEW (2nd tier)

In 2017 Bizbio was hired by Municipal World to produce a series of videos for the launch of their new ICS Division. Through a series of defining interviews we pulled together five videos, each designed to appeal to a specific audience and task.

interview (2nd tier)

In 2017 Bizbio was hired by Doctor Suzanne Leaf to produce a series of videos to promote her cosmetic surgury business. From a single day of shooting she ended up with 3 under 60 second promos, a 5 minute About Us video and 5 explainer videos each focused on one of her primary service offerings.

interview (run & Gun)

In 2017 Bizbio client, Fertilizer Canada, hired us to follow a South Western Ontario bus tour visiting progressive farmers who had integrated Fertilizer Canada's innovative 4R Program. Under the gun and on a tight budget our team captured quality interviews and footage to fill out this informative film.


In 2016 Bizbio helped produce this dramatic interview based fundraising video for the Children's Health Foundation of London, Ontario. The Child Life Specialists, parents and children we profiled impacted us deeply and we tried to share that emotional experience through this peice.


In 2016 we produced this episodic series of commercials for the Warehouse Guys in London Ontario. Who is the Warehouse Guy and why does he keep breaking into the building? Using humour and creativity we entertain while we inform. It was a smash success increasing sales and garnering media attention. 


In 2018 Bizbio produced this comedic parody. From conception to final cut Bizbio is proud to release content that can bring smiles to faces far and wide.

Read/Watch the CASE STUDY


In 2018 Bizbio partnered with Motion Cinematics & LC Productions to produce this performance video for London based rock band, Newport Electric. 



Get the same team which produced this luxurious wedding video working on your wedding. Our prices are competitive and we always exceed expectations. From organizing guest interviews and providing old style DVDs to our staple approach focusing on the individualism of your wedding and guests we are your local best.